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For our latest project ‘Talking Sport’, Eastside Community Heritage have partnered with Get Living London and the East End Community Foundation to gauge the state of sport in Newham: from before, during and after the Olympics.

Since 1999 Eastside have run what is now the Hidden Histories Archive. Formerly the East London People’s Archive, we hold over 3,500 oral histories, as well as thousands of photographs and videos preserved and archived for public benefit. Alongside collecting these histories we seek to share and explore them through workshops, exhibitions and a variety of multimedia, both online and offline. It is through these medium that most of our projects take shape and Talking Sport has been no different. We will speak to people of all ages and backgrounds from Newham, as they share their sporting stories and memories. Drawing participants from a variety of sports clubs, societies, schools and community organisations, Talking Sport will seek to present a balanced view of Newham's rich and wide ranging sporting heritage.

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